Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips

Luciously Long Lashes

Are you tired of stumpy short lashes, but don't want the trouble of maintaining silk lash extensions?  I have found the solution – Lash Serum!  It stimulates the lashes to grow naturally, and results can be achieved in just 4 weeks.   

I have been using our lash serum now for 4 months, and the results are amazing.  My lashes are dramatically thicker and longer.  I get asked if I have extensions all the time – the best compliment!

It worked for me, and many other of my clients – I guarantee it will work for you!  We have the serum for sale in the salon.


Treating Dry Skin

dry-skinIf you suffer from dry skin you are not alone. Thousands of women the world over have the same problem. There are many different skin care options available to combat dry skin. What follows is what worked for me. I am no doctor, nor have I studied the properties of skin intensively – I’m just an average lady who got fed up with having dry skin.

Being that the problem was that my skin was dry, I gave it water. I found drinking water helped me to feel better. It didn’t cure all of my real problem zones, and the initial improvements were very minimal, but I still think this should be the first weapon used by women with dry skin.

The next thing I did was find a good moisturizer. Note that I said good, not expensive. Every woman’s skin is different so there will be some trial and error in discovering what works best for you. I found that many of the lotions available in my local drug store left my skin feeling oily, which I didn’t like. I ended up going with a product from one of those “whole-body” shops. You know the ones that sell the soaps and the body butters and everything else. That left my skin feeling touchably soft, without a greasy residue staying behind.

I also started wearing a strong (SPF60) sun block every day. I’m not sure if I read it, or heard it on TV somewhere, but the sun is one of the number one causes of dry skin. I had never really been into sunbathing anyway, so it wasn’t like I was losing out on anything. I think there may be some moisturising properties in the sunscreen that also helped.

For my trouble areas, behind the knees, elbows and feet, I used aloe vera and coconut oil I have had an aloe vera plant in my home since my children were small for things like burns or bug bites and I’ve found that it works great at softening, then removing the “scales” that come with extremely dry skin. I just pick off a leaf and squeeze the gel directly onto the offending area. Run in and allow it to set. At night, I like to slather those areas in pure coconut oil – it is very oily but really helps to keep skin soft.


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