Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic Tattooing

Eyebrow, Eyes and Lip Cosmetic Tattooing

Our specialist Cosmetic Tattooist, Kate, is fully qualified and sort after for her work in Cosmetic Tattooing of eyebrows, eyes and lips.


Eyebrows frame the shape of your face. Getting the correct shape and colour for your eyebrows provides an instant "facelift".  Cosmetic Tattooing is perfect for reshaping poorly arched, uneven eyebrows and can create new eye brows on anyone who has suffered from hair loss, or have scars in their brows.  We perform micro-feathering and feathering techniques to create tiny hair-like lines that resemble natural brows.

Micro Feathered Tattoo Eyebrows Cosmetic Tattooing Brisbane - Eyebrows Eyebrow Tattooing - Micro Feathering Eyebrow Cosmetic Pigmentation


To enhance the natural beauty of your eyes, we perform top and or bottom eyeliner tattooing.  The style of your eyeliner can be tailored according to the look you desire, from a soft, natural looking lash enhancement to a thicker, more noticeable line,to give eyes greater definition and make the lashes appear thicker.

Eyeliner Tattoo 


With age, lips often lose volume and become lined, making wearing lipstick well a challenge.  Cosmetic tattooing is a great solution, whether it be a lip line, or lip blend, to restore youth to your lips.

Lip Blending- Cosmetic Lip Tattooing

What to Expect

Consultation: We carry out a very thorough consultation before starting any cosmetic tattoo treatments.  When making your appointment it is important to let us know if you are pregnant, have any medical problems, if you have had recent surgery or are taking any medication that may hinder these treatments.  We allow 2 hours for each of these procedures. 

Procedure:  Whilst everyone's pain threshold is different, we find most of our clients are completely comfortable during our procedures. We use topical anaesthetics to numb the skin before applying a stronger anaesthetic to take away any pain and minimise bruising and swelling.   We use sterile water, sterile dressing pack and all new sterile pre packed needles and consumables for each client and are disposed of at the finish of the treatment as well as any leftover pigments, anaesthetics. After the treatmentwe apply a soothing antibacterial cream to the area.

After treatment: The initial treatment will be appear dark, but will fade within 4-14 days. There typically no discomfort, so you can go back to your daily routine straight away.  We do however recommend you stay away from direct contact with water during the healing process. All clients will receive detailed home care instructions to achieve the best results. 

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